/ / 2018, Colonial Theatre, Feature Films

2016 | Netherlands | 93 minutes
Director: Robert Jan Westdijk
Screenwriter: Robert Jan Westdijk
Producers: Maarten van der Ven, Robert Jan Westdijk
Cinematographer: Alex Wuijts
Editors: Ruben van der Van, Robert Jan Westdijk
Principal Cast: Leopold Witte, Tim Linde, Helen Belbin, Julie McLellan & The Waterboys

Waterboys tells the humorous and moving story of the evolving relationship between crime novelist, Victor (Leopold Witte), and his cello-playing son, Zack (Tim Linde). When Zack is dumped by his girlfriend and Victor is dumped by Zack’s mother on the same day, the two men grieve and briefly console one another before heading off on a trip to Scotland. It is here where Victor hopes to promote his latest book and spend some bonding time with Zack. However, Victor’s selfish tendencies nearly alienate the fragile relationship he shares with his son, and the trip becomes increasingly turbulent as the reasons for the pairs’ domestic troubles come to light.