NYICFF Dutch Animation Celebration

/ / 2020, Short Films, Virtual

Virtual Showing
2015-18 | Netherlands | 74 min | Animated
Director: Various

NY International Children’s Film Festival crossed the Atlantic to join forces with Cinekid, The Netherland’s premiere film festival for children, to share a program of the very best of Dutch animation–featuring diverse stories, hilarious romps, inventive animation, and more! PASSING BY Job, Joris & Marieke, 2018, 1 min 100 years of Amsterdam go by in street-style flash and dash in this memorably animated view of history. JONAS & THE SEA Marlies van der Wel, 2015, 12 min At the seaside, Jonas dreams of a life among the fish and constructs bizarre aquatic contraptions to realize the impossible. EMILY Marlies van der Wel, 2018, 8 min Blooming with artful animation and wistful storytelling, Emily was spotlighted as the Netherlands’ entry for Oscar consideration. HEADS TOGETHER Job, Joris & Marieke, 2016, 20 min Three very different kids, all friends, find out what it truly means to walk a day in each other’s shoes,…and legs, and torsos in this hilarious International Emmy and 2017 NYICFF Grand Prize- winning film. POLSKA WARRIOR Camiel Schouwenaar, 2017, 25 min Eric Kaminsky feels a little like a fish out of water. Will the pool finally be the place where he can feel just right? MR. PAPER GOES OUT FOR A WALK Steven De Beul & Ben Tesseur, 2018, 8 min With trusty scissors in hand, Mr. Paper makes choice cuts to craft his ideal world.