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Virtual Showing
2018 | France | 6 min | Animated
Directors: Léo Brunel, Camille Jalabert, Loris Cavalier, Oscar Malet
Producer: Julien Deparis

The story of mountain rescue duo, Salami and Parmesan, as their attempts to rescue a skier stranded on the top of an imposing mountain, do not go to plan. Hors Piste is a riotous six-minute animation, following the pair as their endeavors to save the imperiled (known as The Wounded) leads them from hilarious set-piece to hilarious set-piece. From the moment their helicopter slowly slides from the top of the mountain, you know exactly how this film will play out, but it does detract from the enjoyment it brings, at all. In fact, the anticipation of ‘what next’ is all part of the fun.