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Virtual Showing 
2021 | USA | 71 min | Narrative
Director: Gairo Cuevas
Producers: Bianca Vidal, Gairo Cuevas
Editor: Chelsea Walton

Dani’s morning seems to be going pretty well until she’s told by her best friend that her life is pathetic. Now all Dani wants to do is go home and hide from the world. However, Dani’s roommate blames Dani for her dog running away. Now she has one day to find Scout or lose her apartment for good. Dani spends the day hiking through her outdated hometown encountering new and familiar faces forcing Dani to re-evaluate her life by confronting her dreaded past. Maybe, if Dani can just make it through the day, she’ll find a little more than she thinks she’s been scouting for.

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