Short Films Panel
Shaping the Short Narrative

Friday, April 20th, 3:30pm – Hannah Grimes Center

They say a film is made three times… when it’s written, when it’s shot, and when it’s edited. With only a limited amount of time to tell a story in a short film, how does one decide what to leave in and what to leave out? And how much does the story change in the process? The filmmakers of these three films all chose unique storytelling approaches in creating a clever comedy, a surreal adaptation, and an original drama.

Sabrina Ross Lee, Moderator

Sabrina Lee Ross, filmmaker and moderator for the Short Films PanelDocumentary filmmaker Sabrina Ross Lee created the award-winning Where You From about rap musicians in rural America and produced/co-directed the critically acclaimed film Not Yet Begun to Fight, about disabled vets who learn the art of fly-fishing that premiered on PBS in 2013. She continues to work in the documentary space, both developing her own projects and assisting other filmmakers.


R.W. Gray, Director/Producer
Jon Dewar, Producer

My Husband’s Jump

Laina Barakat, Director/Writer
Glowworm, The B Movie

Mark Billeci, Director
Eric Stern, Director/Writer


The Global Immigration/Refugee Crisis
Panel Discussion

Friday, April 20th, 5:30 PM – Putnam Theatre

We’re facing a global refugee crisis of epic proportions as a result of violence, hunger, poverty, political unrest and habitat destruction. Our own country is in upheaval over stricter immigration laws, plans to build a massive border wall and ICE raids happening in cities across the U.S.

On Friday afternoon, the Putnam Theatre will be screening three films that reveal different aspects of the global refugee situation, one in Lebanon (Soufra), one in Liberia (Silas) and one in New Hampshire (Fresh Start). What they all have in common is the determination of those impacted to restore a normal way of life for themselves and their country. Join us for a discussion of the issues that immigrants are facing globally and the proactive steps our community has taken to educate itself and support immigrants.

Susan Hay, Moderator
Founder of the Keene Immigrant and Refugee Partnership (KIRP)

susan hay, Founder of the Keene Immigrant and Refugee Partnership (KIRP)
Cigdem Slankard, Filmmaker, Fresh Start

Other leaders from community activist groups will be present

Documentary Panel
Change Agents: The Impact of
Social Justice Docs

Saturday, April 21st, 2:30pm – Hannah Grimes Center

Whether it’s America’s opioid crisis, the global refugee/immigration crisis, or community organizing to help low-income families, documentaries bare witness to the struggles and suffering of humanity by exposing injustices and inequalities. How do filmmakers find the riveting personal stories that make each of these issues impactful? And is the end of the film just the beginning for filmmakers in bringing about change through ongoing campaigns?

Virginia Prescott, Moderator

virginia prescott Virginia Prescott is the Gracie Award-winning host of Word of Mouth and the 10-Minute Writers Workshop podcast from NHPR. Before returning to her home state of New Hampshire, Virginia was a producer and editor for NPR’s On Point and Here & Now programs, and a director at WNYC in New York. Throughout her career, she’s trained journalists and helped develop independent community radio in post-conflict zones from the Balkans to West Africa.


Joey Carey, Producer
The Organizer

Michael Venn, Director
Karlina Lyons, Producer

The Heroin Effect

Talya Tibbon, Co-Director/Co-Producer
Joshua Bennett, Co-Director/Co-Producer

Sky & Ground