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Filmmaker Panels

JUST DO IT! The Do's & Don'ts of Making Your First Movie

Sunday | November 8th, 1:00 PM | Virtual

Hear from filmmakers from the Monadnock region and around the country who defied many odds to make their first films outside of the university system. You’ll explore self-financing, working for free, working with friends and favors, and other aspects of bootstrap filmmaking.

Laina Barakat


Laina Barakat is an Independent Filmmaker and founder of Wayward Ark Productions. Her film career began with Either/Or Films on their premier feature, The Sensation of Sight (David Strathairn, Ian Sommerhalder, Jane Adams, Ann Cusak), where she worked her way up to being Producer. Her first feature narrative Only Daughter picked up various awards including Audience Choice Award at New York No Limits, and Best Performance at Orlando Film Festival, NH Film of the Year at New Hampshire Film Festival. Laina went on to write, direct and produce seven short award-winning films ( Glowworm, Somewhere In July, Things We Say, The B Movie, Popo, Waiting Room, The Cat Tale). She is currently completing her next feature length screenplays, Our Lady, a magical-realist piece which will be filmed in Panama, and To See a Girl, a love story about two neurodiverse teens. Laina resides in the Monadnock Region.


Nick Czerula, Director / Director of Photography

Nick Czerula has worked as DP, Second Unit DP and First Assistant Camera on feature and short form films as well as national ad campaigns. His experience on different size productions, both large and small budget, gives perspective of just how important teamwork is or more importantly, the team you work with. Today, Nick runs Cz Video Productions, an integrated visual platform production company. He resides in Concord, New Hampshire.

Anna Belmonte, Director

Anna Belmonte is a new director based out of Northeast Massachusetts. Ever since gaining the dexterity to wield a VHS camcorder, she's been creating, curating and telling stories - however, in early 2020 she saw her screenwriting and directorial debut on "Summer," a comedy short. With a BFA in Art Therapy and a leg in the world of Special Makeup Effects, Anna's free-spirited approach to filmmaking opens a doorway for absurdity, creative spontaneity, and unexpected technique. Anna works as a camera assistant and editor in New Hampshire, and looks forward to getting into pre-production for the next comedy, dramedy, mockumentary and horror projects already underway.

Deniz Demirer (New York City)

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Sam Sorich (Chicago, IL)

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George Simon

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Likes are My Self-Esteem

Monday | November 9th, 5:00pm | Virtual

A live Talk Show (but... over the internet) hosted by Toni Nagy and Seth Chatfield where they will explore such topics as "why do I compulsively make videos for the approval of strangers on the internet - is it because my parents didn't pay enough attention to me?" Join Toni and Seth as they deep dive into the bowels of their experience of independent content creation. Accompanied by a few "special guests" who've collaborated with them in the past, they will discuss the emotional rollercoaster that is self-produced media. Get ready for them to pontificate on questions like "Are eyeballs more important than money?" "Can I commodify myself and be taken seriously by corporate America dressed as a giant inflatable penis?" and "Am I worthy of love if I don't have 1,000,000,000,000 followers?"

The life of an independent filmmaker is one of great satisfaction because you are in control of the art you create, but also great disappointment because "I DIDN'T GET INTO SUNDANCE... AGAIN!?" Come get to know how you too can become an "influencer" on the internet - which means you have to convince yourself that calling yourself an "influencer" is not a reason to puke in your mouth.

Toni Nagy

Toni Nagy is a stand up comic, sketch comedy creator, filmmaker, and co-dependant. She has written/ edited/directed/ and acted in a vast array of online content that have upwards of 1.5 million views. Nagy's script "One More Zero" was the grand prize winner for Coverfly's contest "The Industries Next: Women in Screenwriting" competition and her pilot of her sketch comedy entitled "The Masses" won the award for “Best TV Pilot” at the Top Shorts festival. She has twice won the Broadway Comedy Club's "New Talent" contest and a storyteller that has been featured on the popular podcast RISK!

Seth Chatfield

Seth Chatfield has appeared in a range of features, including Girlfriend, Blood of the Tribades and Clickbait as well as a number of shorts, a television show, music videos and numerous comedy sketches. An artist and musician in his spare time, he has also designed sets for shorts and music videos, and was a Production Designer on Girlfriend (2010). He made his directorial debut with makes his directorial debut with Winkville. Seth lives in Peterborough, NH.